UNIT Solutions™ is dedicated to being the pre-eminent non-lethal training solution for law enforcement and military worldwide. Based on direct feedback from military and law enforcement professionals, we have custom engineered a solution to directly address existing training challenges, and provide the best training system on the market for force-on-force and decision-making training.

Founded in 2014, our staff spent months researching the existing training systems on the market and identifying the inherent challenges with using each. By consulting with current and retired military and law enforcement, we received valuable feedback from administrators and the end users that convinced us that our soldiers and officers needed a better training system. Simunition and UTM could be too expensive for some users. Airsoft and paintball lacked the durability and realism required for training. Laser systems only provided limited feedback. Thus, UNIT Solutions was born.

UNIT Solutions proudly employs several of our American heroes who have served our country both at home and abroad. We believe the best way to ensure the highest product standards are upheld for our training systems is to work with those who have used them on a daily basis. Our full time staff is supported by a highly decorated Advisory Board, which offers guidance on product development, marketing and business opportunities.