UNIT Solutions Receives Favorable Results From Third Party Glass and Skin Penetration Testing

Date 07.06.2017


In June 2017, UNIT Solutions commissioned National Technical Systems (NTS), an experienced independent product testing firm based in Camden, AR, to complete glass and skin penetration testing utilizing the TTS4 and its nonlethal rounds. The purpose of the testing was to establish baseline performance metrics for the TTS4 training platform to determine recommendations on where and how the system could be deployed.

Skin Penetration Testing 

Video of the Ballistic Gel Torso Penetration Test

The Test Medium: To determine whether the TTS4 would break human skin, NTS ordered a ballistic gel torso that meets the FBI protocol for calibrating ballistic gelatin to match human tissue. It can be assumed that any shots that tore or penetrated the torso would also penetrate human skin; while any shots that bounced off or did not penetrate the torso, would not break human skin.

The Process: NTS set up a test rig at distance intervals of 5, 15 and 25 feet away from the ballistic gel torso. At each distance interval, the test engineer fired 5 consecutive shots across two different TTS4 rifles at the ballistic gel torso and recorded whether the ballistic gel had been penetrated. The full test protocol was then repeated a second time placing a battle dress uniform over the gel torso. Both marking and non-marking 8mm rounds were used during testing. 

The Results: At each distance interval, every test shot fired ricocheted off the gel torso, with and without the battle dress uniform covering it. Zero of the 60 total shots fired during the testing penetrated the gel torso.  

The Takeaway: UNIT Solutions' TTS4 offers a force-on-force training system that allows military and law enforcement users to train realistically without using cumbersome or bulky gear. Recommended safety gear includes only eye and mouth protection. 

Glass Penetration Testing

Video of Glass Penetration Testing

The Test Medium: To determine whether the TTS4 would break or damage glass while training indoors, NTS purchased various sizes of plate glass at 1/8, 3/16 and 1/4 inch thicknesses, as well as a 1/4 inch piece of laminated glass. It is important to note that plate glass is substantially weaker than laminate or tempered glass required by most state's building codes when constructing facilities such as schools, airports, office buildings, etc.

The Process: NTS set up a test rig at distance intervals of 5, 15 and 25 feet away from the glass and fired three consecutive shots at each interval from two different TTS4 rifles. The test engineers started testing with the thinnest plate glass (1/8 inch) and then continued testing in order with the 3/16 inch plate glass, 1/4 inch plate glass and finally the 1/4 inch laminate glass. Both marking and non-marking 8mm rounds were used during testing.

The Results: At each distance interval, and across EVERY glass type, the TTS4 rounds ricocheted off the glass. Over the course of 72 combined shots there were no visible signs of damage to any type of glass. 

The Takeaway: UNIT Solutions' TTS4 offers users the ability to train in the actual environments that will test their tactical awareness and decision making. Facilities such as schools, offices, theaters, churches, airports and train stations can now provide realistic training environments for active shooter training. Because the TTS4 does not eject a brass shell, clean up after training is easy and there is no risk of inciting panic should brass be found after a facility has been returned to its functional use. 

Note: NTS also completed limited penetration testing against ballistic goggles and a computer monitor. In this testing, the TTS4 showed no signs of damage when firing against ballistic goggles as close as 5 feet. However the TTS4 did damage the computer monitor when firing at 25 feet. As a result, when necessary, users are encouraged to remove or cover any computer or television screens or monitors prior to training. 

Click below to view a PDF of the full Test Certificate issued by NTS.