UNIT4™ Advantage: Adaptability

Date 02.08.2017

Allowing Officers The Freedom To Train Anytime and Anywhere

Every trainer seeks to create realistic situations when putting officers through force-on-force and decision making training. While the use of shoot houses and new virtual reality technology has helped to enhance scenario-based training, there is no substitute for conducting training in real-world environments.

UNIT Solutions’ new UNIT4 non-lethal training rifle allows officers to train in realistic settings that they will actually encounter in the field. The M4 platform system fires an 8mm round at a velocity of 325 to 375 FPS.

While training indoors is difficult with competitors like Simunition or UTM, the TTS4 rounds are lightweight enough to allow officers to train in a variety of indoor settings, since the non-marking rounds will not break glass or damage the integrity of the facility. In addition, the rounds are 100-percent biodegradable, eliminating environmental concerns when training outdoors. In addition to being the most adaptable force-on-force training system on the market, the TTS4 is also among the most affordable, saving users up to 50% when compared with Simunition or UTM over the life cycle of the system.   

Every Building Becomes Your Shoot House


With the rise in active shooter situations and increasing terroristic threats, the need for full immersion force-on-force training is paramount. Due to the strategic engineering of the UNIT4, every building can now become a shoot house. Officers can deploy the UNIT4 for active shooter or crisis training in schools, office buildings, churches transit stations, movie theaters or any other building.

The non-marking projectiles will not damage the facilities or equipment within them and the UNIT4 does not eject a brass shell, which allows for quick and easy cleanup after the training has concluded. It also eliminates the panic that could ensue should someone find a brass shell once the building has been returned to its functional use.