UNIT4™ Advantage: Ease of Training

Date 02.14.2017

Providing The Military The Freedom To Train

Existing training systems like UTM or Simunition create several challenges for military to participate in force-on-force or CQB training. One of the biggest deterrents for training with these systems is the arduous approval and paperwork processes required to draw training equipment and forecast ammunition to schedule a training day. The transportation and storage of training equipment and ammunition are also subject to stringent requirements. These restrictions can distract from the conduct of training and hinder the facilitation of opportunity training.

UNIT Solutions’ UNIT4 platform removes several of these barriers for training. The standalone platform features a CO2-powered, magazine-fed system that fires 8MM non-lethal marking and non-marking rounds. The UNIT4 can never be converted to fire real ammunition and is therefore not required to be stored in the armory, while the rounds used in the UNIT4 do not contain a lead primer and are not regulated by ammo storage requirements. In fact, the UNIT4 rounds can even be shipped through the U.S. mail rather than government channels.

The result is a more flexible training solution allowing warfighters to train whenever and wherever an opportunity arises.

The Birth Of Opportunity Training

UNIT Solutions’ innovative UNIT4 platform is the ONLY force-on-force and CQB training system that allows soldiers the opportunity to train whenever and wherever they want.

With the UNIT4, training opportunities are no longer limited to reserving a designated training facility months in advance of the training date. Because the UNIT4 is not subject to rigid military storage requirements, soldiers can now train indoors or outdoors within a moment’s notice. Every building on base is now a shoot house, and every minute of free time is now an opportunity to practice your force-on-force and CQB tactics.