The current working environment for law enforcement professionals is as challenging as any in recent history, and as a result, the need for enhanced systems for full immersion and force-on-force training is more pronounced than ever. By consulting with current and former police officers, and analyzing the challenges of existing training platforms, UNIT Solutions™ has developed a standalone, full immersion decision making training system to directly address the increasing need for better training. The new UNIT4™ platform features a CO2-powered, magazine-fed system that fires 8MM non-lethal marking and non-marking rounds. UNIT's new training platform has several distinct advantages over existing tactical training platforms: cost, accessibility, realism and safety.


Existing training systems like Simunition and UTM can be very expensive to use due to costly ammunition. At a price of 65 cents or more per round, many departments do not have the available budget to increase the amount of training, even if there is a desire and need to do so. The UNIT4™ platform has been designed with affordability in mind, and offers marking and non-marking rounds at a fraction of the cost of its competitors. In fact, over the life cycle of the training system, it is estimated that departments will realize cost savings of more than 75% by using the UNIT4™ platform over its competitors.


The UNIT4™ platform offers the most realistic decision making and force-on-force product on the market by allowing users to train in the actual environment where those skills and their situational awareness will be tested. With the UNIT4™, any building or structure can become a shoot house, allowing for training in schools, office buildings, churches, shopping malls and all other public spaces, as well as aircrafts, vessels and mass transit trains and stations. Officers now have the freedom to re-enact real life situations that they may encounter in the field, in an authentic environment.


The UNIT4™ will equip users with the most realistic training solution on the market. The system has been engineered to mimic the actual firearms in fit, form and function. The system features similar accuracy and range to competitors and boasts the most accurate recoil of any training system. The accurate recoil enables users to practice firing and re-zeroing in on a realistic target, so they will be prepared if they need to discharge their weapon in an active situation.


The UNIT4™ provides law enforcement users with the safest training solution on the market. It is a dedicated system used exclusively for training that can only fire the 8MM non-lethal rounds compatible with the system. Dedicated training systems eliminate the possibility of putting a live weapon into a training environment or a weapon equipped with a conversion kit into a live environment.