UNIT Solutions™ patented TPAKs™ are single-use cartridges containing 30 8mm marking or non-marking biodegradable rounds and the gas propellant. The TPAK cartridges do not contain a primer, do not eject a shell and can be disposed of immediately after use. 

At a cost of just $4.50 per TPAK, users will spend just 15 cents per round, a significant cost savings over competing force-on-force systems that offer ammunition at more than 70 cents per round.

Price: $4.50

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Product Specifications

UNIT's rounds offers significant advantages over competing systems including:

  • Both the marking and non-marking rounds are eco-friendly, 100% biodegradable and do not eject a brass shell, allowing for training in a variety of outdoor settings, without fear of EPA violations.
  • Not subject to the rigid military storage requirements and thus allows soldiers to train anytime, anywhere.
  • Can be shipped through the U.S. mail system rather than government channels.
  • Will not damage the structure of a facility or equipment within it. Every building becomes a shoot house and users can deploy the system in real-world environments that they will face in the field.
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