TTS4™ Magazine

The TTS4™ Magazine has been specifically engineered to ONLY be compatible with the TTS4 and TPAK™ cartridges. The single-use TPAKs slide into the magazine and the system is ready to fire after closing the mag latch door and inserting the magazine into the TTS4 mag well. With an MSRP of $55, the magazines can be purchased at discounted prices by buying as part of a bundle or starter kit. 

Price: $40 - $55

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Product Specifications

The TTS4™ magazine offers the following features:

  • 30 round magazine capacity, identical to users' service weapons
  • Manufactured from high-strength aluminum 
  • Compatible ONLY with TTS4 platform rifles
  • Works with functional mag release button on TTS4 rifle, allowing for realistic training
  • Branded with UNIT logo to easily distinguish from magazines firing real ammunition
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